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Hi folks. I've created this new forum for random chatting. It and other more focused forums are accessable by clicking that link up top that says "forums".

Creativity Improv this Saturday! Roosevelt Park (36th St and Falls Rd), 2pm to 5 or 6ish

From Kata, aka Sensoriel:

That's right.
Think creatively!!

This is a hang out in the park that revolves around arts and creativity.

Object Manipulators (poi, staff, jugglers, contact jugglers, fans, hula hoops, etc)
Musicians (drummers, instruments, experimental instruments, etc.)
Performers (masks, charecter improv, mime, [see above], dancers, etc.)
artsists (writers, philosophers, poets, etc.)
visual artists (sketchbooks, easels,

I see people out there hanging out doing sports so how's about something where we get together to play creatively, learn something new, or meet others to inspire us or to work with.

"Thunder & Lightning" - August 11 @ 4pm, Minas gallery

From Marcus Colasurdo:

"Thunder & Luightning"
aka: Marcus Colasurdo and Auset
In magnetic, seismic, elemental performance
saturday, August 11 @ 4pm
Minas gallery
815 W. 36th St.
A benefit for African fresh water wells fund
Music by Jasaga Sawyer
open reading to follow

This is part of an ongoing series of events to build a fresh water well
in east africa..first event was a smash

"Water for the Wells", Saturday, July 14th @ 4pm, Minas Gallery

from Julie:

Gimme Shelter Productions presents...
Water for the Wells
Saturday, July 14th @ 4pm
Minas Gallery
815 W. 36th Street
$5 donation

An afternoon of poetry to benefit African drought
featuring Baltimore Poets
Alan Barysh
Marcus Colasurdo
Julie Fisher
Medina Krause
Elise Mignon
and Gregg Mosson
open reading to follow

new mailing list available

I have installed the Mailman mailing list software, and moved the Zelda's e-mail list to it. Now you can control your subscription yourself, and new members can subscribe themselves (subject to admin approval, to keep out spammers). The main mailing list page is

Baltimore Ethical Society reading, July 7th

1st Saturday Coffee House 7 pm • Poetry • Music • Refreshments • Open Mic • Free (donation appreciated)

Featuring our good friend, Suzanne Diggs - so come on by.

Welcome to the new!

Greetings! I have moved the website to the Drupal content management system. This will allow all Zeldinians to post their own stuff up here.

We're still in the process of setting up, but you can go ahead and register yourself awhile.

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