Zeldas Inferno exercise: "the (adjective) (concrete noun) of (abstract noun)."

Zeldas Inferno exercise: create three columns of words: adjectives, concrete nouns, and abstract nouns. Make metaphors of the form, "the (adjective) (concrete noun) of (abstract noun)." (From

adjectives concrete noun abstract noun
joyful coffee love
red concrete passion
bumpy vessel confusion
cool toe discomfort
voluptuous book mathematics
lonely tent judgment
loyal carpet abstraction
fuzzy dog bereavement
insightful rose literature
nostalgic lamppost skill
virile stick stillness
melodic moon music
ethnocentric brick nature
sweet penis energy
strong dollar tenderness

the red rose of stillness

the cool moon of love

the fuzzy dog of tenderness

the insightful vessel of love

the ethnocentric penis of confusion

the sweet brick of passion

the strong stick of judgment

the loyal dog of love

the lonely concrete of love

the bumpy concrete of mathematics

the voluptuous vessel of abstraction

the lonely book of literature

the red carpet of confusion

the sweet penis of nature

the nostalgic brick of music

the nostalgic moon of music

the virile penis of confusion

the melodic coffee of music

the strong coffee of discomfort

the strong coffee of mathematics

the strong coffee of skill

the lonely dollar of bereavement

the cool concrete of abstraction

the cool concrete of stillness

the lonely lamppost of mathematics

the ethnocentric dollar of confusion

the red toe of discomfort

the sweet book of stillness

the cool tent of skill

the insightful moon of bereavement

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