Creativity Improv this Saturday! Roosevelt Park (36th St and Falls Rd), 2pm to 5 or 6ish

From Kata, aka Sensoriel:

That's right.
Think creatively!!

This is a hang out in the park that revolves around arts and creativity.

Object Manipulators (poi, staff, jugglers, contact jugglers, fans, hula hoops, etc)
Musicians (drummers, instruments, experimental instruments, etc.)
Performers (masks, charecter improv, mime, [see above], dancers, etc.)
artsists (writers, philosophers, poets, etc.)
visual artists (sketchbooks, easels,

I see people out there hanging out doing sports so how's about something where we get together to play creatively, learn something new, or meet others to inspire us or to work with.

No wonder sports gets funding before creativity!!
People don't see and understand the amazing ways that creativity brings people together, so lets do it and show them!!

Roosevelt Park
near 36th (The Aveneue) and Falls Rd.
3500 block of Falls Road in Hamden, basically
2pm to 5 or 6ish

aka Sensoriel