Zelda's Inferno exercise: "pain is always required"

Zeldas Inferno exercise: connect those lines

"Worry was not mine", and "But pain is always required"

worry was not mine
i had put it down somewhere and forgot to pick it up again
fear was not mine
for I saw what was to come
suffering was not mine
mutually exclusive with acceptance
but pain was still there, sure
pain is always required
part of the package deal

anger was not mine
I no longer had time to be angry
and hatred was not mine
I knew the other too well
greed was not mine
I already had everything
but being alive, pain --
pain is always required

disbelieve the one who promises freedom from pain
there is only one way out of that
and there's too much to do first

the question is not the existence of pain
it is, what will you do about it?

suffering, worry, fear, these are optional
but pain --
pain is always required