Zelda's Inferno exercise: "unearth ancient relics"

Zelda's Inferno exercise: supported free-write around one of more of the following phrases (selected at semi-random from an issue of a local women's newsletter):

unearth ancient relics
clean up this situation
moments to recharge
when am I supposed to do that?
encourage more prosperity

unearth ancient relics, digging them free from the grasp of the ground, freeing them from the clinging dirt, I am digging in the compost pile like an archaeologist seeking relics of ancient civilizations, a old tea bag, a fragment from a compostable plastic bowl, small sticks raked up with last autumn's leaves. unearth ancient relics, bits of memory in the heart, encrusted by time, tarnished and bent and broken bits of old loves.

moments to recharge, needing sanctuary, a renewal, some respite from all these things that grasp for time and energy, but every battery eventually reaches the point of no longer being able to hold a charge...

unearth old relics, bits of lives gone by, evidence of the past civilizations within ourselves

when am I supposed to do that? if not now, when? the eternal present, if it's always now then if I do it tomorrow I'm doing it now, the procrastinator's delight, now, then, yesterday tomorrow, all the same, no worries about being late or early, so I'll clean up this situation tomorrow or Tuesday or next week or in the fall, it's all now, now, now.

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